Currency traders say the yen could be poised for further losses after the Japanese currency slumped to its lowest level against the dollar in three years, squeezed by the rising cost of the imported energy on which the world’s third-largest economy depends.

The yen sank to ¥114.38 to the US dollar on Saturday, a level not seen since late 2018, after three weeks of steep declines. Investors say the global surge in energy, which means Japan’s importers will have to sell increasing quantities of yen to purchase oil and gas, has triggered the recent moves.

But the yen has also

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CryptoPunk #6046 Owner Refuses to Sell His NFT For $9.5M

  • Co-founder Richerd Chan refuses to sell his CryptoPunk #6046 for $9.5 million.
  • If we convert, the $9.5 million is equal to 2,500 ETH.
  • Richerd emphasized that Punk #6046 is tied to his identity and online persona.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have had a mix of positive interactions these days. While the NFT sensation is still in progress than ever before, Co-founder Richerd Chan has come out to say that he just rejected an offer of $9.5 million to sell his CryptoPunk #6046 to @poapxyz.

When we convert the $9.5 million to

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While EU officials have argued in Brussels this month over the relative merits of nuclear energy and gas, residents of a small town 60km east of the Belgian capital had a more pressing concern: if Belgium gets rid of nuclear power, where will it get its gas from?

“Everyone around us is stopping gas. Where are we going to get ours from? Putin? What will we do if he switches the tap off?” said Heidi Haesevoets at a protest this month against a planned gas-fired power plant in her home town of Tessenderlo.

Belgium, sandwiched between pro-nuclear France and pro-gas

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There are worse havens from history than the Pacific Palisades. We are meant to be stunned, even tickled, that Thomas Mann, Bertolt Brecht and other Weimar stars made their lives among the groomed pets and extortionate chocolatiers of West LA.

But see it from their angle. On one side: an invincible ocean. On the other: a screen of mountains. To the north and south: much weaker countries. Europe’s claustrophobia, its overlapping nationalisms, were a physical impossibility here. So was the attendant violence. Versions of the same refuge can be found in Sydney or, with the protective Channel, London.

Even after

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