Norway updates

Norway’s centre-left opposition regained power after an unprecedented eight years of rightwing rule in an election dominated by the future of the country’s oil industry and inequality.

Centre-left parties won 100 seats against 68 for the centre-right, according to projections with almost all votes counted.

Conservative prime minister Erna Solberg conceded late on Monday night. The result brings to power Labour leader Jonas Gahr Store, a former foreign minister, and means for the first time in 62 years all five Nordic countries have

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Valneva SE updates

The UK has terminated an agreement with France-based biotech company Valneva for the supply of at least 100m doses of Covid-19 vaccine, saying the company was in breach of its obligations under the deal.

The company “strenuously” denied the claim in a statement on Monday. The deal was worth up to €1.4bn, with manufacturing due to take place in Scotland and deliveries due to start in 2022.

The vaccine candidate uses a whole inactivated virus to elicit an immune response against

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Minutes after the news broke this week that Doug Field, the former Tesla executive who led Apple’s car project, was defecting to Ford, the Cupertino company’s venture called an all-hands meeting.

Field, who explained he was joining the Detroit carmaker for the chance “to try to make a difference”, was the latest in a long line of exits from Project Titan, Apple’s secretive plan to build a self-driving car.

He was the fourth head of the project to depart in seven years, and the team has bled three other senior executives in the past few months. Staff were jittery as

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“People react to fear, not love,” Richard Nixon once said about US voters. “They don’t teach that in Sunday school but it’s true.”

In the 20 years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Nixon’s jaundiced view of democracy has been put to the test and found to be frequently true. But the story of how America was changed by the first attack on its homeland since Pearl Harbor is better grasped from the ground than via the four-yearly presidential cycle.

No matter how far they were from the smouldering wreck of the Twin Towers, Americans awoke on 9/12 to a world

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Apple Inc updates

Epic Games has taken its battle with Apple to South Korea, where the company has sought to have its hit game Fortnite restored to the App Store under a world-first law in the country that loosens app payment restrictions.

The US developer of Fortnite, the popular battle royale-style online game, asked Apple to allow it back on to iPhones in South Korea to comply with the law that will allow users in the country to bypass Google and Apple’s app

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ARK Investment Management LLC updates

Cathie Wood, the chief executive of Ark Invest and one of the world’s most closely watched investors, said her fund had significantly reduced its exposure to China, leaving only a portfolio of companies that were identifiably “currying favour” with Beijing.

Ark’s sharp strategy shift, she told an audience of institutional fund managers on Thursday, was because the environment in China was “quite different” from the one that many global asset managers had poured funds into late last

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