Chinese equities updates

Hong Kong’s stock market slumped on Monday in a decline that spread to European bourses as an escalating liquidity crisis at Chinese property developer Evergrande showed signs of spreading beyond the sector.

Chinese and Hong Kong property groups were at the centre of the market slide, falling to the lowest levels in half a decade amid rising angst over the fate of Evergrande, the world’s most indebted property developer.

The group faces obligations of more than $300bn to creditors and other

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Federal Reserve updates

Federal Reserve officials are expected to next week send a clearer signal about plans to begin phasing out pandemic-era stimulus as early as November as US consumers continue to power the economic recovery.

The policy-setting Federal Open Market Committee convenes on Tuesday for a two-day meeting that should shed light on the fate of the enormous bond-buying programme it put in place last year to stabilise financial markets and shore up the economy. 

The details will be accompanied by a fresh

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Newsletter: FT Weekend

Princess Diana called it the “moving carpet”. In the weeks after her death, others weren’t so forgivingly droll about the royals’ corgis. Here, went the theory, which mentioned the horses too, is a family that gushes over all creatures great and small, except humans.

Don’t think it lacks purchase outside England, this trope of the cynophile blue blood. “That’s the thing you gotta remember about Wasps,” says Gordon Gekko, shaking his glossed head in Wall Street. “They love animals.

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Yara International ASA updates

Norway’s Yara International has become the latest fertiliser producer to slash ammonia production because of record high natural gas prices, as the energy crunch threatens to hit food supplies.

The partly state-owned group said on Friday that 40 per cent of its ammonia production capacity would be curtailed by next week to protect its margins after surging gas prices eroded profitability.

Yara, one of the world’s largest fertiliser producers, follows rival CF Industries which closed two large UK fertiliser

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Lucian Grainge was being brought back to life. It was his 20th day at UCLA’s intensive care unit, and the opiates that had left him unconscious were dissipating. Doctors prepared to remove the ventilator they’d put down his throat. He was going to breathe on his own again. “It’s like a plane landing,” Grainge remembers. “Seats back, tables up, drinks come away, and you’re coming in to land.” Doctors would later tell him it was more like a miracle.

Grainge does not know the names or faces of the staff who cared for him, because they were dressed in head-to-toe

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Coronavirus economic impact updates

China’s economic slowdown worsened in August as coronavirus outbreaks exposed lingering weakness in consumer spending and cast greater doubts over the country’s growth prospects.

Retail sales rose just 2.5 per cent in August year-on-year, far below economists’ forecasts of a 7 per cent rise, and the slowest increase in 12 months.

Industrial production, which was one of the main engines behind China’s world beating recovery in 2020, also missed targets to add 5.3 per cent, official data showed on

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