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Lucian Grainge was being brought back to life. It was his 20th day at UCLA’s intensive care unit, and the opiates that had left him unconscious were dissipating. Doctors prepared to remove the ventilator they’d put down his throat. He was going to breathe on his own again. “It’s like a plane landing,” Grainge remembers. “Seats back, tables up, drinks come away, and you’re coming in to land.” Doctors would later tell him it was more like a miracle.

Grainge does not know the names or faces of the staff who cared for him, because they were dressed in head-to-toe

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Coronavirus economic impact updates

China’s economic slowdown worsened in August as coronavirus outbreaks exposed lingering weakness in consumer spending and cast greater doubts over the country’s growth prospects.

Retail sales rose just 2.5 per cent in August year-on-year, far below economists’ forecasts of a 7 per cent rise, and the slowest increase in 12 months.

Industrial production, which was one of the main engines behind China’s world beating recovery in 2020, also missed targets to add 5.3 per cent, official data showed on

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The keen traders are able to serve you with a few of the most delicious bites seven days a week within the West End, throughout three floors. There’s even a heated roof terrace, demo kitchen and cuisines to fulfil any temper. Every weekend, the streets of London explode with dozens of London markets cropping up throughout the capital. Some even make weekday appearances, perfect should you’re visiting or for a lunch break wander.

European stocks close lower

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Norway updates

Norway’s centre-left opposition regained power after an unprecedented eight years of rightwing rule in an election dominated by the future of the country’s oil industry and inequality.

Centre-left parties won 100 seats against 68 for the centre-right, according to projections with almost all votes counted.

Conservative prime minister Erna Solberg conceded late on Monday night. The result brings to power Labour leader Jonas Gahr Store, a former foreign minister, and means for the first time in 62 years all five Nordic countries have

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We are evolving in some ways and the time has come, collaborating as one – to change our name. “You need not look past the most recent headlines to know business and society are more global than ever. In this interconnected world by which a pacesetter’s decisions can change life oceans away, purpose and mission matter.

  • Interior decorators, beauticians, hair stylists, make-up artists, tanning salons, laundromats, dry cleaners, and pest controllers are service businesses.
  • Learn how to reduce your threat of late payments and what
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